Recipes for healthy diet

Sunday, July 26, 2011

In order to be always healthy, to feel a constant surge of strength and energy, it’s not enough only physical training. You must properly organize your nutrition according to specific recipes.
Hippocrates formulated the principle of good nutrition, saying that those recipes that people cook must not only be tasty, but healthy. That is why most modern recipes are based on many factors, depending on the person and his body. There are even recipes that are prepared in depending on the human blood groups.
Today we see that Hippocrates was absolutely right, because on what trace elements are contained in a particular dish, and depends what substances and in what quantities will receive the human body. Therefore, properly selected recipes for each specific personal nutrition - is a way to strengthen your own health and even to fight particular disease.
For restorative and preventive purposes in the recipes achieve the optimum balance of trace elements, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. In order to combat any illness, recipes of prepared dishes take into account how certain ingredients affect one or another function of the human body. Lets wee the non-specific cooking recipes, and then exactly what the substance required by the body in order to compete effectively with certain types of diseases, as well as those that will refuse to restore health.
People with allergy should complete their recipes with viburnum berries, celery root, chicory, and sorrel.
In recipes for arthritis is shown using goat cheese, green tea, ginger, olive oil and flaxseed, rye, rice, millet, buckwheat, shrimp and cod, mackerel, halibut, trout and salmon.
When asthma, it is recommended to use recipes that contain all the available fruits and vegetables, celery, onion, fish, cooked in different ways.
In diseases of the cardiovascular system it is necessary to use recipes with olive oil, green tea, pumpkin, garlic and onions, grapefruit, avocado, almond and walnut.
Against hypertension in recipes, should be paid special attention, especially in light of the fact that the disease was fairly widespread. In dishes for hypertensive patients should attend greens, garlic, eggplant, broccoli, asparagus, bananas, grapefruit, apples, bran, celery, barley, millet, rice, buckwheat, potatoes, algae and fish.
With headaches in the recipes should be included green and black tea, lemon and mint. Avoid: synthetic sugar, bread yeast, sauerkraut, onion, beans, peas and corn, all kinds of canned fruits, avocados, figs, red plums, raisins, bananas, citrus fruits, smoked meat, roasted nuts, cream, fat cheese, chocolate and coffee.